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2016 Scout Activities at the Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge

Cub Scout and Boy Scout Activities…

At Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge!



Cub Scout Badge Requirements

 Call of the Wild and Paws on the Path: Reserve the Hiker Adventure Kit to
use on refuge trails.
 Fur, Feathers, and Ferns: Borrow the Refuge in a Box or Scat and Tracks
traveling trunks (to use at the Refuge or off site), hike the trails, and
explore the Visitor Center to learn about wildlife and their signs.
 A Bear Goes Fishing: View the displays about fish in the Visitor Center.
Join us on Kids Fishing Day (second Saturday in June) to learn about the
fish at Lake Lowell and practice fishing!
 Webelos Walkabout: Hike the Refuge trail system and sign up for service projects.
 Into the Wild: Explore interactive Visitor Center displays on the local flyway,
wildlife species and their habitats, food webs, and the wonders of wetlands
while borrowing the Into the Wild binder! Reserve the Junior Duck Stamp
Art Contest traveling trunk to combine learning about waterfowl and
wetland habitats with art!
 Into the Woods: Borrow the Shoots and Leaves traveling trunk (to use at
the Refuge or off site). Ask about participating in a habitat restoration
project to learn about local plants.

Service Projects

Service Projects
 A variety of service opportunities available. Join us on a Refuge work day (mid‐April
and end Sept.) or ask about setting up a special project (minimum group size 10).
 The Refuge can host Eagle Scout projects. Call to propose a project.

For more information or to reserve a kit or trunk:
Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge
Phone: 208‐467‐9278
Email: deerflat@fws.gov
13751 Upper Embankment Road, Nampa, ID 83686