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Cullimore Specialty Adventure Camp



What is it?

Cullimore is Camp Morrison’s full time older youth specialty adventure opportunity. 

This program is designed to allow the older youth in your unit an opportunity to experience a Scouting adventure specifically designed for their age group.  Combining the great programming of Morrison with various high adventure elements and an exclusive staff dedicated to Cullimore, we are able to deliver an exciting program older youth are starving for.

Why Cullimore?

Cullimore provides your unit the chance to excite your older youth by giving them what they want.  Older youth are tired of teaching younger boys basic skills.  They want more than what they have received at Morrison the past 3 years.

Cullimore will give them a high adventure experience you would be hard pressed to duplicate anywhere.  The participants gain leadership, advanced skills, teamwork, and excitement unique to this program.

If you want your youth to come back to your unit stronger leaders, motivated to continue Scouting and excited about what lays down the road for them, then you need to have them in Cullimore.

The Program

Cullimore is designed to allow your youth to participate in the open program offerings of Morrison in the morning session.  They can take merit badges, learn skills, help younger Scouts, or just be young and have fun; whatever they want.  In the afternoon and evening, they take part in exciting specialty adventure activities such as: muzzle loading with hawks and knives, climbing and rappelling, hiking and fishing outpost, and an Adventure Race!


  • 13 on the date of arrival at camp.  We believe that our activities are age specific and this is a mandatory requirement.

  • Registered in a Boy Scout Troop, Team, Crew or Post.

  • Prepared to have FUN.

  • Covered by unit insurance.  All LDS units have a unit insurance policy.  If a community unit needs unit insurance, please contact your council’s service center for assistance.

For More InfoFor more information contact the Ore-Ida Council at (208) 376-4411