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Salmon River High Adventure Base (SRHAB)

Salmon River High Adventure Base



*** CLICK HERE for a VIDEO and information about SRHAB ***

If you wish to experience a truly lifelong memory, exciting and challenging camp experience, accept our invitation to join us at the Salmon River High Adventure Base (SRHAB). The SRHAB is located on the Salmon River near Riggins, Idaho. The SRHAB welcomes youth of Venturing age who are ready for a challenging high adventure of river running, hiking and rappelling. The motto and guiding principal at the SRHAB is ”Striving for Personal Excellence.”SRHAB TRIPS

Trip 1: 5 Day , 4 Night White Water and Hiking Experience

This 5 day program begins Monday morning. Your unit will conduct a 2.5 day Hiking Trek.* After completing the hiking portion of your trip, your unit will begin the white water portion of the TREK.Points of Interest: Youth who participate in the 5 day adventure may qualify for the 50 Miler Award.

Trip 2: 3 Day, 2 Night White Water Experience

Our most popular adventure! This trip provides campers with a whitewater experience at the best price around, with trips beginning Monday and Wednesday. This is a three-day two-night, white water experience. See the beautiful Salmon River, from the river, beginning the day you arrive! Youth and adults alike will have the opportunity to participate in kayaking and rappelling the first evening of your trip.

Trip 3: Specialized Trips

Specialized trips are available throughout the summer. If you, your family, or business would like to schedule a specialized trip please contact the council office 208-376-4411.
*Based upon road closures, time & location of hike may vary.The facilities at the SRHAB are purposely a more primitive camping experience. Groups are required to participate and use “leave no trace camping” techniques. Potable water, showers, boating equipment and climbing equipment are available for all participants at the high adventure base. Food is provided but meal preparation and cleanup is generally done by the individual troops independent of the full time camp staff.Although advancement is part of the Scouting program, and we at SRHAB want to provide a great experience, advancement should not be over emphasized. A youth comes to SRHAB to have fun, and if working on advancement is part of that great! But do not feel obligated to push advancement. The Summer Salmon River High Adventure Base Leader’s Guide will provide further information on what Merit Badges may be earned.