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Council Recognition Dinner – Silver Beaver


Council Recognition Awards in the Ore-Ida Council

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The Silver Beaver award was introduced in 1931 as a means of recognizing Scouters who provided distinguished service to youth within the local council and is the highest award that the local council can award to a registered BSA volunteer. The award is made through the National Council, upon the recommendation of the Local Council.

Click here for the 2018 Silver Beaver Nomination Form


The purpose of the Hall of Fame Award is to recognize continued service for an adult Scouter who has received a Silver Beaver ten or more years prior.  These recipients have continued to serve countless hours to the youth of the Ore-Ida Council passing on their leadership skills, wisdom, and experience and support.

Click here for the 2018 Hall of Fame Award Nomination Form



Silver Beaver Award Nomination Requirements

A nominee for the Silver Beaver Award:

  • Must be a registered volunteer Scouter.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Must have provided noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth.




There are a limited number of Silver Beaver nominations any Council may make in a given year.  Therefore, it is very important that nomination forms are completed in detail and up-to-date when the nominating committee considers the nomination.


  • Complete the nomination form in as much detail as possible.
  • Additional written supporting information, letters or endorsements are encouraged.  (Note: identical applications or letters signed by other individuals are of limited value.)
  • Supporting information, letters or endorsements should be submitted with the nomination form.
  • To avoid possible disappointment, the application should not be shared or discussed with the nominee.
  • People from whom you request information should keep the nomination confidential.
  • Self-nominations are not acceptable.
  • Describe the noteworthy service of the nominee and the exceptional character (i.e. the importance and effectiveness) of the service performed.  Service should be beyond that normally expected of the position(s) held.
  • Describe the nominee’s service to youth outside of Scouting.
  • Describe the nominee’s service to the community outside of Scouting.


Nominations must be submitted to the Council Service Center no later than November 3, 2017Late nominations will not be accepted.


Nominations shall be valid only for the year in which they are submitted.  Nominations will not be carried over for consideration in the following year.  Nominations not recommended for approval by the selection committee will be returned to the nominator.