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Family Scouting…now Serving the Whole Family!

We are excited to be Serving the Whole Family!

The Boy Scouts of America has implemented a Family Scouting program that will allow your entire family to enjoy the Scouting experience. Cub Scout dens will be single gender – all boys or all girls. We offer programs for girls and boys age 11 to 17 where they can now participate in Scouts BSA Troops that use the same curriculum as the current Boy Scout program and allows girls to earn the Eagle Scout award. The traditionally outstanding core Scouting program for boys will be maintained as the Family Scouting program is implemented.

Click HERE for a link to more information of the National BSA website.

Would you like to start a Cub Scout Pack, Scouts BSA Troop or Boy Scout Troop?

Click HERE for more information about starting a Scout Unit. Contact us by EMAIL or phone (208) 376-4411 for more information.

Key items to be aware of:

Packs can be all-boy, all-girl or blended.

All-girl Packs and all-boys Packs may share a sponsor and a committee if so desired.

Boys and girls may not participate in the same den.  Packs may have boy dens and girl dens.A minimum of 5 girls is required to offer the program – either as a new group or as a blended Cub Scout Pack.  There is no minimum den size.

Two-deep youth protection trained leadership is required at all times, one of the two adults must be a female for activities where girls are present.

Girl dens must have a dedicated den leader who is position specific trained (the den leader of a Boy Tiger Den can’t also be the Den leader of a Girl Tiger Den).

The decision of whether a pack will stay all boy or go blended belongs to the sponsoring organization.  All sponsoring organizations have had the opportunity to share their preferences for their program.

Youth Protection Training has changed to reflect the new program.

Boys and girls will not be allowed in same Scout Troop.

Just like Packs – All-girl troops and all-boy troops may share a sponsor and a committee.