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Varsity Leader Fast Start Training

Varsity Leader Fast Start Training

As a Varsity Scout Leader you owe it to your boys to learn as much as you can about Scouting and how to run your Team.    For all positions, You need to complete Youth protection and the position specific training for your registered Scouting position. Varsity Coaches(VC) and Assistant Varsity Coaches (VA) must also take Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS).

Youth Protection + Varsity Committee Challenge = Varsity Committee Trained Leader.

Youth Protection + Varsity Coach Specific Training + IOLS = Trained Coach (VA)

Often leaders receive notification that they are not trained to their surprise.  Most often, the volunteer was actually not registered in the position they are holding.   Sometimes they have not completely registered in My.Scouting.org and their trainings are not being recorded.

Fast Start Orientation Training

Intended to be taken by pack, troop, team, and crew leaders, as well as unit commissioners and chartered organization representatives immediately following the acceptance of their new role.

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