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Scouting for Food 2018 – Centennial District

Centennial District Scouting for Food 2018

Scouting for Food Schedule:

  • 11 Oct: bags available for pickup at Roundtable (After 11th–area leader )
  • 16 Oct: Last day to renew the same area your unit did last year.
  • 17 Oct: All area reservations due—unreserved areas available to any unit
  • 03 Nov: Scouting for Food bag distribution (NOTE: If bags distributed, must pick up food area)
  • 10 Nov: Food Pick-up—Remember to knock on door if food not there (NOTE DATE CHANGE)


Select a Unit ‘Chairperson’


  • The Chartered Organization Chairperson for your units should have easy access to the internet.
  • The Chairperson & the team must be committed to make the food drive successful
  • Your Unit area sign up will be accomplished by email: We will need:
  • * your Unit #, (pack,troop,team,Venture),
  • * Community,
  • *Chairperson’s name, email, &  Ph #.
  • Email this information to:
  • Nampa:  Russ Pool    russ633@cableone.net   cell: 208-250-1387
  • Caldwell:  Julie Katzenberger   juliekatzenberger@hotmail.com  Hm: 208-459-6592
  • Kuna:  Melanie Mohling    melsmohl@yahoo.com      Cell:  208-412-9899
  • Middleton:  Sarah Despain  sldespain@gmail.com   Hm:  208-454-9352

Reserve an Area for this year:

  • Renew the area you had last year before the renewal deadline by email.
  • Or select an “Un-reserved” area.
  • After the renewal deadline for reserving last year’s areas, all unreserved areas are available.

The Centennial District “Scouting for Food” Area Maps

  • It is our goal that units can retain their ‘area’ from year to year, but need to have the unit reconfirm their commitment to their area by the renewal deadline, with their contact information.
  • Google Maps of your communities will be on the Centennial District website w/links to: Caldwell, Kuna, Middleton & Nampa. They are separate at this time, but may be combined next year.
  • If you do not see the link, please email Russ Pool at russ633@cableone.net & I will send you the links to your email.
  • If you know your area, you can select it on the map. You should see how many bags were distributed last year, & what the unit collected in food.  We hope to put additional years of information on the maps so you can see how you can improve.
  • You can also scroll the left pane to find your area or unit #, which when highlighted goes to map.
  • The following markers in the areas tells you the status of the area:
  • Colors on markers may be different for each major area. ( I change them each year for clarity)
  • Will show area’s that are available to be reserved
  •  Indicates a Unit that had the area last year & needs to confirm by the deadline. It                 has a circle around it.
  • A Grocery Cart:  means that the unit has confirmed they will do the bags & food collection. These Areas were drawn according to last year mapping.  If you think an area boundary needs to be moved or an area “split”, your chairperson should let the area chairperson know.
  • Your Unit is responsible to cover the complete area you select—rain, snow, mud, or sport
  • If your manpower has changed & the area is too large, we may be able to ‘split’ the area & have another unit w/more youth to help.
  • We encourage careful planning on the Saturday of the Food Drive to have volunteers.

Bags for Distribution:

  • Bags are available at the Oct. 11th   Please get them there that night if possible
  • On the google map, clicking on your area may show the bags you distributed last year. You can then let us know if you were short or over.
  • If you don’t know how many bags you need, select the ‘Satellite” option of the Google web page, zoom in, & then count the rooftops of the homes in your areas.

Apartment Complexes in your Designated Area

  • If you have apartment complex’s in your area with “non-solicitation” policies, you are encouraged to contact the management to see if they would be willing to put “Idaho Food Bank” barrels in their lobby or common area. The barrels would need to be picked up at the Idaho Food Bank.
  • In the Boise area, the OregonTrail District have two large apartment complexes which were happy to have these food barrels in their common area. Both collected significant amounts of food in these barrels.  A great idea.
  • We suggest the barrels be available at the apartment complex for about 3 to 4 weeks. This could be before, during & after the ‘Official” door to door drive.  You schedule food pickup at a time and take the food to a local food bank, or return w/the barrels to the Idaho Food Bank.

Food Collection Sites for Scouting for Food Drive

  • The sites will be the same in the past couple of years: 9am—2:30pm
  • Caldwell: there are 3 sites:
  • Salvation Army                       Oasis Food                Mary’s Catholic Center

1015 East Chicago                Old Talbot Lanes                603 Everett

Caldwell                                 506 West Simplot Blvd       Caldwell

459-2011                               Caldwell   571-0603             866-2066

  • Kuna: Kuna Community Food Bank (Methodist Church at 4th & Franklin)
  • Middleton: Middleton United Methodist Church 104 East Main St.
  • Nampa: Nampa 1st Church of the Nazarene—601 16th Ave So  (West Parking Lot)

Looking for help in the communities of Melba, Marsing & Homedale. Someone please step up!

The successful Food Drive:

For this food drive to be successful, it requires the participation of all our scouting units both faith-based & community.  Please be willing to step out of your areas if taken by other units to help.  Centennial District has been the leader for the whole Ore-Ida Council for many years thanks to all of your efforts.

Reach out to business leaders or other means of communication to promote the food drive.  Ask them to help us on their business reader boards.  Ask your older boys to get involved for service hours helping at the drop sites, & sorting food there.  It is just the best way to give back to the communities & the people who support us thru the year.  Remember that all food stays local in our communities.

Thank you leaders & your youth for your support to the Centennial District and the ORE-IDA Council Scouting for Food Drive.  We also express appreciation to the Chartered Organizations for their support.

Our special thanks to the Community Chairpersons: Julie Katzenberger, Melanie Mohling, & Sarah Despain.  These ladies do a super fantastic volunteer effort to make the drive what it is.

May we all be blessed in our efforts again this year.

Russ Pool, Chairman, Scouting for Food Drive, Centennial District, ORE-IDA Council, BSA

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