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Scouting for Food 2019 – Ore Ida East District – Oregon Trail Area

Scouting for Food 2019 – Ore Ida East District – Oregon Trail Area

  • Scouting for Food 2019 Scouting for Food Schedule:
    • Monday, 30 September: Last day to renew the same area you had last year.
    • Tuesday, 1 October: All unreserved areas on the map are available to any unit.
    • Thursday, 3 October: All reservations due.
    • Thursday, 10 October: Bags available for pickup at Roundtable (At the Scout Office 14 October)
    • Saturday, 2 November 2019: Scouting For Food – Distribute Bags
    • Saturday, 9 November 2019: Scouting For Food – Pick up food

    Food drop of location

    • Food drop of location information will be available at a later date.

    Select a unit ‘Scouting for Food Chairperson’

    • Scouting for Food area sign up and information updates will be done by email.
    • The Chartered Organization chairperson should have easy access to the internet.

    Reserve an area for this Year

    • Renew the area you had last year before the renewal deadline.
    • Select an ‘Unreserved’ area.
    • After the renewal deadline for reserving last year’s areas, all unreserved areas are available.

     The Oregon Trail ‘Scouting for Food’ District Area Map

    • It is our goal that units can retain their ‘area’ from year to year, but they have to reconfirm by the renewal deadline.
    • Map is at this location: Scouting for Food Area Map (If you don’t see the link, email Tom Gilmore for the map address)
    • If you know your area, select it on the map to see how many bags were used last year.
    • If you do not see your area scroll the left pane looking for your area.
    • All Flagged areas can be reserved now. (has a ‘flag’ on the map in an area)
    • Will show area’s that are available to be reserved.
    • Will show the unit(s) that had that area in last year and need to reconfirm by the renewal deadline. (May show as a ‘White Circle’)
    • Will show the unit that has that area reserved for this year.
    • If you think an area boundary needs to be moved or an area needs to be ‘split’, your chairperson should let me know.
    • Your unit is responsible to cover the complete area you select.
    • If you would like to do an area that is available and you don’t think you have enough youth to cover the complete area, contact me. We may be able to split the area and make part of it available to another unit.

    Determine the Number of bags you will need

    The number of bags you need for your area(s) is REQUIRED INFORMATION with your registration. Only you know how many bags you will need. The scout office does not know.

    If you don’t know how many bags you need, select the ‘Satellite’ option of the Google web page and zoom in, you can count the approximate number of homes in your area.

    Area(s) Sign Up Procedures

    The Chartered Organization Scouting for Food chairperson should submit the following information by email to:

    • Tom Gilmore
    • TLGilmore07@fiberpipe.net

    Please provide the following information by 3 October 2019:

    • Area(s) requested:
    • Estimated Number of bags needed for EACH area requested (REQUIRED):
    • Unit type and Number: (Pack, Troop, Team and/or Crew)
    • Chartered Organization ‘Scouting for Food’ Chairperson:
      • Name:
      • Email Address:
      • Phone:

    Apartment Complexes in your designated area

    • If you have apartment complex’s in your area with ‘non-solicitation’ policies, you are encouraged to contact management to see if they would be willing to put “Idaho Food Bank’ barrels in their lobby or common areas.
    • We have two large apartment complexes in our area. They were very happy to participate in ‘Scouting for Food’ and let us put “Idaho Food Bank’ barrels in their lobby. They collected a significant amount of food.
    • We suggest the barrels be available at the apartment complex for about 3 or 4 weeks. This could be before, during and after the ‘Official’ door to door drive. You schedule food pickup at any time and take the food to the Idaho Food Bank.
    • You can stop by the Food Bank to pick up the barrels and return the barrels when you deliver the food.

    Have a successful Food Drive

    • For this food drive to be successful, it will require the participation of all units. We hope each unit has a successful ‘Scouting for Food experience and Oregon Trail Area collects a record amount of food.
    • Thank you for all you do for your youth and the support you give to the Oregon Trail Area and ORE-IDA Council.
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