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Vision 2020: A New Philmont Opportunity For Latter-Day Saint Families

This course will provide specific support, training, and information to help Latter-Day Saint Scouting families find a new chapter organization, start a Scouting unit, organize a committee, recruit youth, train adult and youth leaders, fundraise, develop an annual plan, and learn other skills necessary to continue their Scouting journey with energy, increased knowledge, and optimism in 2020. 

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We are excited to inform you about–and extend an invitation to–a unique opportunity at the Philmont Training Center this summer:  Vision 2020.

Vision 2020 is an inaugural week of training, networking, and energizing that will enable Latter-day Saint families to continue their Scouting journey in the coming year.  

The conference will be held from Saturday, June 15th to Saturday, June 22nd, and we are excited that it will feature many of the signature events from the past five decades of “LDS weeks” at Philmont.

Charles Dahlquist, former National Commissioner, will serve as conference chair, along with Mark Francis, National LDS-BSA Relationships Director as conference advisor.

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