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Camp Morrison Staff Training Dates for Summer 2017

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Become a Camp Morrison Counselor or Counselor in Training!

Camp Morrison Key Dates:

‐ Returning and New Staff Training Dates: 28 October 5—6 pm, Scout Office;

16 December 6‐7 pm, Scout Office (attendance is optional, but it will be fun!)

Please RSVP to: Richard.Sotto@Scouing.org
‐ Applications for Employment Due: Senior Staff (over 18), 31 December
2016; Junior Staff (17 and younger), 31 January 2017

‐ Interviews and Sizing for Staff Uniforms: 2 and 4 March 2017

‐ Camp Staff Development 7 April 2017, 13 May 2017 (attendance is optional)
‐ Camp Dates: 11 June to 9 August

Frequently asked Questions:

‐ How old do I have to be? 14 to be a Counselor in Training (CIT), 15 to be paid staff.

‐ Do I have to work all summer or can I get a week off? We prefer you to work all summer
but we do make exceptions.

‐ Do CITs have to work all summer? No, they can work a week at a time.

‐ How much do I get paid? 15 year olds start at $700 for the summer with a $50 raise if
they were a CIT. You get $100 more for each year older that you are and an additional
$50 raise for each year that you’ve worked at Camp Morrison. Over 18 and Kitchen Staff
have a different salary structure. Some Area Directors start at over $2000 for the summer.

Look for more information at your monthly Roundtables or call the Scout
Service Center at 208-376-4411 and ask for Richard Sotto.