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Tapawingo District 2020 Recharter Checklist 🗺

Ore-Ida Council Scout Service Center - 8901 W Franklin Rd., Boise, ID 83709 Map

(Please include all sheets printed, Recharter is not a paperless process)

  • Please bring this completed checklist
  • Signed Recharter Roster
    • Executive Officer signs on the front (NOT your Charter Organization Representative)
    • Unit Leader signs on the front
  1. Annual Charter Agreement
    1. Executive Officer Signs (NOT your Charter Organization Representative)
  1. Applications for all new youth and adults
    1. List of any needed applications will print on page 1 of your Recharter – no Charter can be submitted without an application for each adult and youth listed here
    1. Parent and unit leader must sign ALL youth applications
    1. New Leader, Charter Organization Representative/Executive Officer & Committee Chair must sign ALL adult applications
    1. All adult and youth over 18 must have the NEW DISCLOSURE/AUTHORIZATION PAGE signed and dated
  • Youth Protection for Adult Leaders
  • Proof of CURRENT Youth protection training is required to complete your Recharter. ALL adults and youth 18 and over must complete this training before the Recharter can be processed or accepted
  • Check made payable to: Ore-Ida Council, BSA
    • The Total Due on the Recharter Report may not be accurate. Please use these amounts to calculate your Recharter Fees.
    • Fees are as follows:
      • Charter Fee $60.00 (per unit)
      • Youth Registration Fee $60.00 (per youth member of Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA and Venturing)
      • Adult Registration Fee $36.00 (per adult member)
      • Insurance Fee $1.00 (per member – both youth and adult)
      • Boys Life Subscription Fee $12.00 (per participating member)


Recharters are due to the Scout Office by December 19, 2019

Here is what you’ll need to get started:

  • List of youth and adults to remain on roster
  • List of youth and adults to be removed from roster
  • List of youth and adults who want Boy’s Life
  • Verify that all adults have completed their required Youth Protection Training.


  • Select First-time user and enter the unit access code. Each year you are a First-time user when accessing the system for the initial set-up. Codes and passwords from prior years are no longer active.
  • Select the unit type and enter the unit four-digit number. (ex. Unit 70 will be 0070)
  • Create a password as instructed.
  • Complete the information requested on each screen. Note: You can stop at any time, log off the system, and begin again where you left off by reentering your access code and password. Best Practice: Select “Update Roster” each time you log back into the system.

Please contact your District Executive or Unit Commissioner or District Commissioner if you have any questions.

Links to Recharter Forms:

Youth Application

Adult Application

Annual Charter Agreement

NEW Disclosure/Background Check Authorization Form

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